Ztainclean Aerosol – High Performance Cleaner

Ztainclean Aerosol

High Performance Cleaner & Polisher

Refined formulation of Non-abrasive cleaner for Stainless steel, Aluminium & Chrome where a clean and polished finish is required.

The Benefits

Ztainclean is economical. Only a short spray is required to give complete surface cleaning. Designed to:

  1. Clean without scratching.
  2. Leave a thin protective coating.

Ztainclean is non-flammable

Where to use

Ztainclean is recommended for use in all types of industry where Stainless steel, Aluminium or Chrome is used as a finished surface or as decorative trim.
Signs, Carriage trim, Lifts, Windows etc in Rail companies, Shipping companies Airports, Hotels, Supermarkets, Hospital’s.

How to use

Ztainclean easy to use. Shake can thoroughly, spray lightly onto a cool, dry surface and wipe with a clean dry cloth.

Full instructions are on the Pack.


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